Overview of the main producers of vacuum cleaners.

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  • All categories of vacuum cleaners


    Types of vacuum cleaners.

    Hoover - a device for cleaning dust and dirt from surfaces due to the suction air flow. Dust and dirt accumulate in the bag, from which they must be removed regularly. The first vacuum cleaners were manufactured in the U.S. in 1869.

    Vacuum cleaner with a bag-bag.

    Vacuum cleaner with bag dust collector

    This includes models with a dust collector filter bag, in which at harvest is delayed and is going to dust, dirt and other small particles. Dust collector can be placed inside the vacuum cleaner (this design is most common in Europe) or on the handle (the American version).

    There are two main categories of dust collectors:

    A. Non-interchangeable cloth dust bags - are always inside the vacuum cleaner and shake as the filling, then, are set back to the vacuum cleaner. Non-replaceable dust collectors are made of fabric and block only large dust flowing and spraying in the air after cleaning small fraction of hazardous dust.

    Two. Replacement dust bags - made of paper or nonwoven composite and washed or discarded when filling, after which the vacuum cleaner is inserted into a new bag. The best model of non-woven dust collectors are able to hold the dust down to 0, 3-micron filter and reach the Class HEPA14.

    For people with asthma are recommended Vacuums HEPA H12 filter class and above (eg HEPA H13). The advantage of vacuum cleaners, especially in the simplicity and reliability of the design. The disadvantages are the need for regular purchases of filters and reduce the suction power as you fill the filter.


    Cyclone vacuum cleaner

    In the vacuum cleaners that use cyclone to clean the air, no dust bag - instead of the dust due to centrifugal forces is separated from the airflow and collected in a special removable container. The air passes successively through a series of cyclones of different sizes, but the final purification of air is produced in a removable fine filter.

    The advantages of vacuum cleaners include the lack of need for replacement filters (except for the microfilter) and cleaning bags, as well as a constant suction power that does not depend on the degree of filling of the container. Of the drawbacks - increasing energy consumption. In addition, the error in the design of the cyclone may require too frequent changes of the fine filter.

    Vacuum cleaner with water filter.

    Vacuum cleaner with water filter

    In the vacuum cleaners of this type of air purification is performed by spraying it with water in the tank. Two common types of vacuum cleaners: bubble and the separator. In the bubbling vacuum cleaners, intake air passes through a flask with water, heavy dust retained directly in the tank with water and filtered air outlet porous filters. In the separator vacuum cleaner separator separates even the fine dust from the air and mixes it with water.

    The design of the separator varies from vendor to vendor. The use of the separator does not reduce the suction power, this power is retained throughout the clean-up. For successful filtration through a separator requires a quality high-speed engine in some models of the rotational speed reaches 27 000 rpm. Therefore, the price of separator vacuums located in the high price range of 900-3500 dollars.

    The most common types of vacuum cleaners:

    Floor cleaner.

    Floor cleaner

    Floor cleaner - the design, the most common in Europe. The pump and air cleaner are usually located in a single package, which is connected to the brush with a hose.

    To move on the floor building is equipped with wheels, although there are, for example, vacuum cleaners, air-cushion vehicles, such as the Hoover Constellation. The floor design is most versatile, and allows you to clean most surfaces, including hard enough - through the use of pipes, hoses and brushes suitable design.

    Handheld vacuum cleaner.

    Handheld vacuum cleaner

    Hand-held vacuum cleaners are not suitable for cleaning large areas, they are designed for a small amount of work: Cleaning of cars, furniture, etc. These vacuum cleaners are generally not equipped with a hose, have a small amount of dust, low-power engine and powered by a rechargeable battery.

    Vacuum brush.

    Hoover Brush

    Vacuum cleaners, brushes are more prevalent in the U.S.. In such a vacuum cleaner motor and the pump is most often located within the brush. The pump blows air with dust particles in the bag attached to the handle of a vacuum cleaner. To

    advantages of this appliance may include a small power consumption due to the location of the pump as close to the brush, as well as a large amount of dust-bag. The disadvantages are the complexity of cleaning hard to reach places (which are vacuum cleaners are equipped with additional hoses and nozzles) and the vulnerability of the moving parts from water and large objects.

    Robotic vacuum cleaners.

    Robotic vacuum cleaners

    Robotic vacuum cleaners at the user or on a schedule to move independently, bypassing the obstacles on a given surface, remove dust and dirt. Many models are self-cleaning after returning to the charger.

    The user is to regularly clean dust and clean the dust in hard to reach places that robot vacuum cleaner can not clean themselves.



    Vacuum Cleaner Bosch BSGL-2 MOVE6
    Bosch BSGL-2 MOVE6

    IRobot Roomba 581 Vacuum Cleaner
    iRobot Roomba 581

    Karcher DS 5600 Vacuum Cleaner
    Karcher DS 5600

    Vacuum Cleaner LG V-K70161ND
    LG V-K70161ND

    Hoover Thomas TWIN TT Aquafilter
    Thomas TWIN TT Aquafilter

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